Destiny's Age Of Triumph Update Gets A Trailer And More Details

Age of Triumph is Destiny's final live event update.


Bungie has filled in some lingering details about Destiny's Age of Triumph update and released a launch trailer (above) for it ahead of its release next week.

This update brings new uses for Legendary Marks, many Tower vendors' stock will now cycle through different armor and weapon perks on a weekly basis. These include the Vanguard class vendors; the Vanguard and Crucible quartermasters; Lord Shaxx; and each of the faction vendors. Variks, Shiro, and The Speaker will each also continue to offer different options every week.

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Everyone will have a new way to get their hands on the Exotic auto rifle Necrochasm, as there will be a new quest that leads to it. Additionally, every Primary weapon from each Raid will have both a Legendary version (with no elemental damage) that can be earned from the standard 390 Light level Raid every week. Alternatively, all of these weapons will have new Exotic Adept versions with elemental damage. However, weapons and armor from the normal-difficulty King's Fall won't be available from the 390 version, but non-Harrowed rewards can still be earned the same way as before.

As noted previously, patch notes will arrive alongside the update on Tuesday, March 28, at 10 AM PT. A preview of the notes was included in today's Bungie blog post and included a point about Crucible daily bounties being updated so that they no longer require you to use a specific subclass or be in a Fireteam.

There are two other notes that are important to be aware of as the release of the update draws near. One involves completing the weekly Heroic Strike and weekly Nightfall playlists without first receiving the update, which you can read more about here. On a related note, you'll still be able to access the weekly Crucible playlist after the reset at 2 AM, but the new rewards won't be available until after the patch is deployed.

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Additionally, the Crucible questline The Mountaintop will no longer be available post-patch. If you're still on the quest come Tuesday, you'll only be able to complete that step but no further ones. As a result, this is your last chance to get the Legendary rocket launcher Hothead.

For more on what to expect from Age of Triumph--Destiny's final live event--check out our previous coverage regarding the updated Raids, new activities, and new armor and updated weapons.

Earlier today, a leak suggested that Destiny 2 will arrive in September and that a beta is coming that will launch first on PS4. As expected, with Bungie focused on Age of Triumph, the studio had nothing to share on that front, although it did subtly acknowledge the leak with a message at the end of its blog: "p.s. You were expecting something else? One milestone at a time, Guardians..."

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