Destiny Won't Let You Upgrade Your Legendary Gear for Taken King

Bungie has confirmed that you won't be able to improve your old gear in the new expansion.


In Destiny's last expansion, House of Wolves, developer Bungie let players improve the power of their old legendary armor and weapons. It was a response to criticism from the first expansion, when players' old gear was rendered underpowered by the new weapons and armor. But now Bungie has confirmed that in The Taken King, the next big expansion for Destiny coming this fall, your legendary gear once again won't be upgradeable.

As reported by GameInformer, the change comes along with a suite of new improvements and additions in The Taken King. Instead of letting players upgrade their legendaries (known as "ascending" in House of Wolves), Bungie is adding a lot of new weapons and items to try to encourage players to earn the new gear.

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In House of Wolves, players need to earn items called Etheric Light to increase the power of their old legendary gear. These items are difficult to obtain and require completing high-level events or reaching a certain level in the special Iron Banner multiplayer mode.

The Taken King launches on September 15. It'll include a lot of new weapons which you can read about here. In addition, your favorite exotic weapons are probably getting rebalanced in the expansion. Check back on GameSpot in the coming weeks for more news about The Taken King.

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