Destiny Won't Let You Trade Items With Other Players At Launch

"We want you to earn 'em. You should be able to tell a badass story for every sweet jewel in your arsenal," Bungie says.

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When Bungie's shared-world shooter Destiny launches on September 9, players will not be able to trade items with other players, the developer has confirmed. "Nope," Bungie writes on its website. "We want you to earn 'em. You should be able to tell a badass story for every sweet jewel in your arsenal."

"Once you earn them, the various Guardians under your account will be able to trade them," the studio explained further. "But weapons belong to the players who acquire them through action and bravery."

In April, Bungie lead player investment designer Tyon Green told IGN that a player-to-player economy could come to Destiny sometime down the road if the community calls for it, and if the studio can overcome the "security situation for both our systems and all platforms."

The introduction of a real-money auction house-type system in Destiny could be potentially lucrative for publisher Activision, which would presumably get a cut of all sales. However, Blizzard Entertainment struggled with the real-money auction house for Diablo III and removed the system earlier this year.

Destiny launches next month for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. The game has gone gold, meaning it is now "finished"--though Bungie has much more in store for the game beyond its initial release. The game's first expansion, The Dark Below, launches in December. For more on Destiny, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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