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Destiny Trophies and Achievements Revealed; Get Ready to Kill a Lot of Enemies

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Developer Bungie detailed 40 Achievements and Trophies for its upcoming shooter, Destiny, in its weekly update today. The full list involves a diverse array of different tasks, from completing missions certain ways to customizing your ship.

There are four main enemy types and three character classes in Destiny. Trophy and Achievement hunters will have to kill all of them many, many times to get all the rewards.

Some of the more memorable Achievements and Trophies include:

  • Triple Play -- Kill a Warlock, Hunter, and Warrior without dying in a single player vs. player match
  • Suited for War -- Get fully equipped with Legendary or Exotic weapons and armor.

Although most of the Trophies and Achievements are straightforward, there's some mystery with the Dragon Slayer accomplishment. To acquire this one, you must "kill a champion of the Dark." This could mean fighting a high-level enemy that comes from the Darkness, the most powerful opposing force in Destiny.

You can see the full list of achievements on Bungie's website.

Destiny launches for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 on September 9. We thought that the game looked promising when we got our hands on the alpha build earlier this month.

Do you still try to get as many trophies/achievements as possible (like the guy who got 1,000,000 Gamerscore), or do you ignore the list entirely and just play naturally?

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