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Destiny: The Collection Trailer Spotlights PS4-Exclusive Content

Destiny: The Collection comes with every expansion and PS4-exclusive content.


Destiny: The Collection releases next week alongside the new Rise of Iron expansion. The Collection contains the base game, its DLC, Destiny: The Taken King, Rise of Iron, and if you're on PS4, the console's exclusive content.

PlayStation released a trailer on its YouTube channel that showcased the exclusive content coming to PS4. This includes the Rise of Iron exclusive quest Show of Strength, the Timeless Tereshkova ship, and the Icarus multiplayer map. On top of that, players get the exclusive content from The Taken King as well. The Echo Chamber strike, Sector 618 multiplayer map, and Jade Rabbit exotic are all exclusive to the PS4 version.

Destiny: The Collection and Rise of Iron launch September 20 on PS4 and Xbox One. Rise of Iron was heavily influenced by Game of Thrones, particularly in the gear, armor, and landscapes. However, the HBO show's storytelling was also a source of inspiration.

"In Game of Thrones, you have these big, long episodes with a lot of different characters," art director Shiek Wang told GameSpot. "But then [the show] leaves them for a while. Then they come back and dive super deep into, say, Arya. And you say, 'Oh my gosh, that's why she did this, and that's why the writers chose to do this!' That's very much what we're doing with Rise of Iron."

Rise of Iron brings players back to Old Russia with the Plaguelands and reintroduces the Khvostov, Destiny's starting weapon. However, this time, the Khvostov is an exotic that's much more powerful than you remember.

For more information, check out our handy guide on everything you need to know about Destiny: Rise of Iron.

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