Destiny's New Subclasses Detailed During E3 2015

Titans: It's hammer time.


Destiny is getting a new expansion this fall called The Taken King. One of its biggest new features is a trio of subclasses being added to the game, and developer Bungie's website has revealed some details on their new moves and skills.

Warlocks, Hunters, and Titans each have two subclasses which code for different elemental powers at the moment. These affect the way the character plays, from its grenade to its super move. Since each character only has two subclasses, they all are missing one elemental subclass. The Taken King completes this by adding a subclass of the missing elemental power to each character. The Warlocks get an Arc subclass, the Titans get a Solar moveset, and Hunters get a Void subclass.

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The Warlock subclass focuses on using lightning to destructive effect. A trailer showed off a Warlock using a super move to cast lightning bolts from its hands. According to Bungie's website, it is called the Stormcaller class.

Hunters, on the other hand, get some void moves in a subclass called Nightstalker. The reveal trailer showed a hunter ripping through several enemies with an ethereal bow, which is the Hunter's new super move called the Shadowshot. The website's description states, "All hunters master the frontier, but none claim territory quite like a Nightstalker." This suggests that the subclass may also provide some boost toward speed or agility.

Finally, Titans will receive a subclass called Sunbreaker. It's a Solar class that adds a ranged option to Titans' arsenals. Not much is known about the operation of the Titans' new super move, but it comes in the form of a massive hammer of fire that appears in the player's hand.

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Recently, publisher Activision announced that the Taken King will be bundled together with the base game in either the Legendary or Collector's Editions. The latter includes several real-world items, such as a replica Strange Coin.

The new expansion was announced during Sony's E3 2015 press conference. Check out the rest of the news from the conference here.

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