Destiny's Iron Banner Reforged Event Launches November 18

Players level 20 and above can lead a team to enter the Crucible; exclusive new level 30 gear revealed.


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Bungie has revealed the dates of the upcoming "reforged" Iron Banner event for its sci-fi shooter, Destiny. The multiplayer event will kick off on November 18 and run until November 24, giving players a week-long window to enter the Crucible.

Groups who wish to participate can only be led by player who is level 20 or above. Players lower than level 20 are able to accompany them "at their peril." The event also now has a different formula to account for level advantages, although the announcement does note that "lower-level players wielding fully-upgraded weapons should still be considered a very credible threat."

Participants can earn Iron Banner Bounties that improves reputation with the Iron Lords, which in turn unlocks new gear for purchase. Up to five ranks can be achieved. The event also offers exclusive level 30 gear.

The previously launched Iron Banner event drew criticisms for its mechanics, which had balancing issues. Bungie has subsequently stated that the new Iron Banner takes into account player feedback from the first event.

For more details about the reforged Iron Banner, head over to Bungie's website.

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