Destiny: Rise of Iron Raid Release Date and Time

Wrath of the Machine is right around the corner.


Destiny's Rise of Iron expansion launched today, September 20, letting players check out the new Plaguelands zone and other story content. The new raid, Wrath of the Machine, goes live later this week, and now Bungie has announced exactly when you can start playing it.

Wrath of the Machine will be available to play on Friday, September 23, starting at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. As we saw in a previous trailer, the six-player raid sees players making their way through claustrophobic confines of The Wall before reaching the open air on top.

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Bungie raid designer Gavin Irby previously talked about the high-level concept for Wrath of the Machine, saying the theme is "collision."

"We started with some highfalutin' ideas and literary themes that we were trying to achieve, and through iterations it actually became about smashing s**t into other s**t," he told Game Informer. "So I guess the smart version of that would be collision. But, it's definitely about smashing s**t into other s**t. The Fallen faction with the Siva, that's partly where that comes from, the hybridization and the idea of these two things coming together, that's some of the s**t smashing into other s**t. But in gameplay that just turned into like well, let's start smashing stuff and that's awesome."

Check back with GameSpot later this week for more on Wrath of the Machine.

For lots more on Rise of Iron, check out the full patch notes here. You can also watch GameSpot play the expansion live right here. If you're having trouble accessing Destiny right now, it's not your fault, as the game's servers are struggling, though things are apparently improving now.

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