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Destiny Rise of Iron Expansion Trailer Leaks Ahead of Reveal Event [UPDATE]

New version of the Gjallarhorn weapon available for people who preorder.


[UPDATE 2] Rise of Iron has now been officially revealed.

[UPDATE] The first video has been pulled at the request of Activision, though others have emerged on YouTube.

The original story is below.

Later today, Bungie is expected to formally announce Destiny's Rise of Iron expansion.

You don't have to wait to see a trailer for it, however, as a video ad has gone live early on Snapchat. YouTube user Jhairehmyah found the video in the Wall Street Journal's Story. Take a look:

The video confirms the September 20 release date that had been rumored. It also shows off the new content and gear, and it teases out the storyline awaiting players.

It also reveals that a new version of Destiny's famous Gjallarhorn will be available, though it looks like the only way to get it is to preorder. It's also in a new color now: black.

Lots of information about Destiny's Rise of Iron expansion leaked this week from a number of sources. Most recently, the store page for Rise of Iron revealed that, alongside a new raid, which had already leaked, Rise of Iron will add new weapons, armor, gear, and missions to the game.

However, most notably, Rise of Iron will include a new social space (joining existing social spaces The Tower and The Reef) and an area called "The Plaguelands Zone." Nothing is yet known about the Plaguelands. In addition, Rise of Iron will reportedly add more Crucible player vs. player maps and a new Enemy faction.

Check out GameSpot's previous coverage of the Rise of Iron leaks here to learn more about what we know so far. Bungie's livestream today kicks off at 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST. GameSpot will run a liveblog for the event and bring you all the news and videos later today.

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