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Destiny PS4/Xbox One Will Soon Require 60 GB, Even If You Don't Buy Taken King

Come September 8, Destiny will take up more space than ever on your hard drive.


All PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners will soon need at least 60 GB of free space on their hard drives to play Destiny. Developer Bungie has announced that the mandatory update going live on September 8 for all Destiny players--even those who don't buy The Taken King--will increase the game's total file size.

The size of the update alone for both platforms is 18 GB.

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The file size is mentioned on this new System Size Requirements page. It also spells out that Destiny players on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will need a minimum of 30 GB of storage space come September. This means that Destiny may become unplayable on some existing last-generation hardware.

Bungie also cautions that storage space requirements for all platforms could increase, as additional space may be needed for setup, updates, and new features. Additional in-game updates could increase the file size even more.

Destiny: The Taken King will be released on September 15 across all platforms. It introduces major changes to the overall Destiny experience, including weapon balance tweaks and a big overhaul for the quest and bounty systems. The expansion also adds Destiny's biggest-ever raid, King's Fall.

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