Destiny Preorder Bonuses

The Vanguard Armory pack includes a number of weapons and items that preorderers will get early access to.


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If the buzz around the beta hasn't convinced you to preorder Destiny, publisher Activision has released a new video highlighting the contents of the Vanguard Armory pack it's offering up as a bonus for preorderers.

As announced earlier this month, the Vanguard Armory pack includes early access to in-game weapons and items, as well as a preorder-only player emblem. The video notes the Vanguard Armory will allow you "exclusive access" to the weapons and gear in gear; this timed exclusive lasts "until at least fall 2015."

Today's video shows specifics on just what you'll get on September 9 with the Vanguard Armory pack, including nine weapons (one of each type) and three helmets. We're offered a looks at the stats for these items, which you'll be purchasing with in-game currency from the Vanguard Quartermaster located in the Tower, Destiny's social hub.

The list of Vanguard Armory items seen in the trailer follows:

  • Singularity S.3 -- Scout Rifle
  • 13098V Incognito -- Sniper Rifle
  • Harbinger -- Rocket Launcher
  • Carte Blanche S.1 -- Auto Rifle
  • SG-Scattercast -- Shotgun
  • SK5 Type-Null -- Fusion Rifle
  • Peccadillo's Grace -- Hand Cannon
  • BTRD-345 -- Machine Gun
  • Trifecta S.2 -- Pulse Rifle
  • Stratus White helmet
  • Chroma White helmet
  • Agema White helmet

This is all in addition to the Upgraded Sparrow available to those who preorder at GameStop. UK gamers will receive the same bonus by preordering through Game.

We'll be updating this story should any additional preorder bonuses be announced between now and Destiny's launch on September 9.

The ongoing Destiny beta on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 will be offline today and tomorrow (July 21-22) as Bungie prepares to bring Xbox 360 and Xbox One players into the mix on Wednesday, July 23. Over the weekend, Bungie added two new multiplayer maps (one of which was seen in the Destiny alpha last month) to the game's competitive multiplayer mode as part of a limited-time event.

If you've been playing the Destiny beta, has it had any impact on your decision of whether or not to preorder? Let us know in the comments.

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