Destiny Players Solve Rise of Iron's Crazy New Hidden Exotic Weapon Quest

You won't just be stumbling upon the solution to this mystery.


If you thought Rise of Iron's new raid was the trickiest thing to complete in Destiny right now, you'd be terribly mistaken. Players have been working for days to solve a mystery involving what's been called the Monitor puzzle, and a team has now done it--and acquired a new Exotic weapon for their trouble.

In short, the new weapon is a 390 Light level Exotic pulse rifle known as Outbreak Prime. Repeatedly shooting an enemy with it "spawn[s] SIVA nanites that attack other enemies," according to the item's description.

The process for obtaining it is incredibly convoluted: it involves completing the raid more than once and solving some challenging puzzles. These include converting binary numbers that flash on an in-game monitor into decimal and using a special calculator to solve a later puzzle, which must be done with only one Warlock, one Hunter, and one Titan in a Fireteam together.

The entire hours-long process is detailed here and here on Destiny's subreddit, and in the video below from Twitch streamer Datto, whose team appears to have been the first to successfully complete all of this.

Solving those puzzles and piecing all of this together has been an effort by numerous players online, including those on Destiny's subreddit and the Raid Secrets subreddit. Datto also credits Justin Watts (who goes by the handle RangerWatts), founder of Destiny fan group Math Class, with the accomplishment.

Just yesterday, a new report regarding Destiny 2 emerged with some new details about the game, including the fact that you may not be able to transfer your existing characters to it.

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