Destiny Planet View Lets You Explore the Game's Worlds Using Google Street View

Activision launches a new Google Street View-style website for several of the places you'll visit in Destiny.

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A week prior to the release of Destiny, Activision is trying something different to promote Bungie's new first-person shooter. Today it launched Destiny Planet View, a website that allows you to tour areas from Destiny with a Google Street View-esque tool.

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Built using Google's actual technology, Planet View lets you explore environments on Venus, Mars, and the Moon, three of the places you'll go in Destiny. You'll navigate areas right from the game just like you would a road in Street View, complete with players and enemies standing around--almost as if you're walking around a world frozen in time. Certain areas contain hotspots that bring up images, videos, and information when you click on them, and there's enough to explore here to keep you busy for some time.

Planet View doesn't contain every area that can be visited in the game. There was some concern following this summer's beta that Destiny was not as large as some had assumed, but Bungie has insisted Destiny is the biggest game it's ever made. It recently said that players may never be able to "finish" it.

Destiny launches next Tuesday, September 9, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. For more on the game, check out our previous coverage.

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