Destiny Patch Notes Released As Latest Update Goes Live

Today's Destiny update should shake things up in Crucible.


Destiny's newest update, hotfix, is now live on PS4 and Xbox One, and we have the full patch notes.

Bungie provided an overview of what to expect last week during a stream, previewing some of the key elements--namely, weapon and ability balancing. These patch notes detail how, for instance, shotguns have been nerfed: they don't deal precision damage (with a few exceptions), are less accurate in mid-air, and have less magnetism when hip-firing, among other things. Hand cannons, auto rifles, pulse rifles, and scout rifles also see tweaks, as do a pair of Exotics: Young Wolf's Howl (Howling Flames costs five ammo instead of 10) and Truth (magazine size reduced from three to one).

Players now start Crucible matches with Special Weapon ammo, which is now dropped when you die (unless you're using a Sidearm). Crates with Special ammo now respawn every 60 seconds but provide ammo to teammates within 75 meters of it, rather than 100.

In any Elimination mode, rounds now last 90 seconds, rather than two minutes, and Special ammo is only provided at the start of the first round.

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Other changes of note include Blink disabling your radar and HUD for a brief moment after it's used; Throwing Knife dealing solar damage; and Titans losing the ability to use Juggernaut in mid-air.

Certain changes to Hungering Blade (such as health regeneration starting immediately) were inadvertently applied to other similar perks, such as those from Red Death, Warlock's Lifesteal, and Titan's Transfusion. Rather than delay the patch, Bungie has released it with these accidental changes in place.

"Over the next couple of weeks, we will be diligently watching and listening to what you have to say about these changes," sandbox designer Josh Hamrick explained in a forum post. "While we will be unsurprised if additional tweaks need to be made, we are honestly super interested to see how these changes, intended or not, play out. We will be relying on you to give us your feedback as you grow accustomed to the feel of the game over the next couple of weeks. We will also be with you in-game, playing along and making our own notes."

This small update is available for download now. You can check out the full patch notes below.

Destiny Update Patch Notes


Special Ammo

  • Adjusted Special ammo economy in all gametypes
  • Players start Crucible matches with Special ammo
  • Special ammo is now lost upon death
  • Sidearms are not affected by this change
  • Special ammo crates now appear every 60 seconds (initial spawn and respawn)
  • Special ammo crates are shared with allies within 75m (down from 100m)
  • Special ammo timing in Mayhem is unchanged

Elimination Gametypes

  • Round time limit has been reduced to 90 seconds (down from 2 minutes)
  • Players only start with Special ammo for Round 1 in Elimination gametypes
  • Special ammo timing is 30s initial, then 45s respawns
  • Special ammo is wiped at the beginning of subsequent rounds


Hand Cannons

  • Significantly increased initial accuracy (returns to Launch / Year 1)
  • Reduced base range to 35m from 40m
  • Reduced Aim Assist and Magnetism at longer ranges
  • Reduced minimum damage after falloff from 50% to 33%

Auto Rifles

  • Increased Precision Damage modifier to 1.3x (up from 1.25x)
  • Increased base damage of low rate of fire Auto Rifles by 2.5%
  • Increased in air accuracy

Pulse Rifles

  • Reduced rate of fire for very high rate of fire Pulse Rifles by 7.7%
  • Increased rate of fire for low rate of fire Pulse Rifles by 5.3%
  • Reduced Magazine Size of Clever Dragon and Grasp of Malok by 6
  • Reduced the effect of High Caliber Rounds for Pulse Rifles
  • Increased in air accuracy

Scout Rifles

  • Increased in air accuracy


  • Shotguns no longer deal precision damage
    • The Chaperone and Universal Remote are unaffected by this change
      • Note: Universal Remote only deals precision damage when ADS
  • Shotguns now have significantly less magnetism when fired from the hip
  • Shotguns now have significantly less in air accuracy
  • Shotguns no longer have a movement penalty
  • Shotguns now deal 20% more damage to combatants
  • Rangefinder on Shotguns now increases ADS time by 25%
  • Reduced Universal Remote's Magazine Size to 3 from 5
  • Universal Remote now takes longer to reload


Young Wolf's Howl

  • Reduced "Howling Flames" ammo cost from 10 to 5


  • Reduced Magazine size from 3 to 1



  • Reduced Health of Guardians with Armor values above 10
  • Increased damage of Flux Grenade, Magnetic Grenade and Shoulder Charge to ensure effectiveness across all Armor values
  • Blink now disables your Radar and HUD for a short time after activation


  • Throwing Knife now deals Solar Damage on impact
  • Hungering Blade*
    • Immediately starts Health regen
    • Restores more Health per kill
    • Gives a flat amount of Health/Shield per activation
    • Does not immediately start regenerating Shields
  • Bladedancer's Quick Draw Perk no longer readies your weapons instantly, but now grants a large increase to weapon handling speed


  • Viper Totemic on Ophidian Aspect no longer readies your weapon instantly, but now grants a large increase to weapon handling speed
  • Stormcaller's Thunderstrike melee range reduced to be consistent with other Warlock Subclasses
    • Amplitude will continue to grant small range boost to new base range
  • Landfall now reduces the total time in Stormtrance


  • Juggernaut is now disabled after being in the air for a short time and cannot be activated while in mid air


  • Outbreak Prime no longer triggers The Corruption Spreads by shooting at Ward of Dawn
  • Shinobu's Vow no longer adds an additional seeker to Skip Grenades
  • Removed intrinsic Perks Kneepads and Icarus on some Talent grids
  • Fixed an issue where High Caliber Rounds were not functioning properly on Hand Cannons, Scout Rifles, Machine Guns and Sniper Rifles
  • *Hungering Blade changes were also inadvertently applied to the following Perks, for more information check this post
    • Transfusion (Striker Titan)
    • Cauterize (Sunbreaker Titan)
    • Lifesteal (Voidwalker Warlock)
    • Red Death Perk
    • Suros Legacy Perk (Suros Regime)
    • No Backup Plans
    • Ward of Dawn cast
    • The Ram
    • Apotheosis Veil
    • Embrace the Void (Voidwalker Warlock)

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