Destiny Microtransactions Could Generate "Hundreds of Millions" Per Year

Microtransactions are big business.


Bungie's decision to introduce microtransactions to Destiny could lead to a big upswing in revenue for the shooter, as much as "hundreds of millions" per year. That's according to Cowen & Company analyst Doug Creutz, who says in a note to investors that microtransactions have the potential to "broaden the revenue opportunity for what is already a very successful core franchise for Activision."

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Microtransactions, in the form of in-game currency called "Silver," will be introduced to Destiny on October 13. Initially, the Eververse Trading Company storefront, as Bungie is calling it, will be stocked with 18 in-game emotes to buy. Bungie stresses that these "won't impact the action game in any way." Pricing has not been announced, but Bungie says everyone is getting some free Silver to purchase "an emote or two."

"While the initial microtransaction offering appears modest in scope, given the devotion of the Destiny player base, we believe microtransactions in Destiny could eventually be a significant revenue opportunity of hundreds of millions of dollars per year," Creutz said.

He added: "We also assume that Bungie/Activision will focus on offering cosmetic items and refrain from offering items that could impact game balance, the latter of which we believe could have a negative impact on player satisfaction and engagement. We expect that Activision and Bungie will pursue the microtransaction opportunity wisely."

October 13 is also the same day competitive multiplayer mode Iron Banner makes a three-day return. Match rewards will include weapons and armor, with drop rates higher than they previously were.

Microtransaction systems in AAA games is nothing new. Two recent examples of games that offer microtransactions include Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Assassin's Creed Syndicate. In fact, it is rare for such games not to have them, as is the case with Star Wars Battlefront.

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