Destiny May Be on Your PS4, Even if You Didn't Buy It

Plus, here's how to toggle off automatic downloads.


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Numerous PlayStation 4 users reported this week that Bungie's Destiny appeared in their game library, even though they didn't put it there. Some worried that their account may have been compromised. But as it turns out, this is not a bug or anything nefarious, but rather a promotional effort from Sony.

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A Destiny: The Taken King icon has appeared in many users' in-game libraries (see below). Clicking on it brings you to the store and prompts you to either download the game or its demo. NeoGAF members also point out that the store page Sony directs you to is for the most expensive version of the game.

According to Polygon, this is happening as a result of the PS4's ability to deliver "personalized, curated content" through automatic downloads.

"The PS4 system has the ability to learn about your preferences," reads a line on the PS4 website. "It will learn your likes and dislikes, allowing you to discover content pre-loaded and ready to go on your console in your favorite game genres or by your favorite creators."

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You can opt out of the automatic download campaign by unchecking "Featured Content" from the Automatic Downloads menu of the PS4 System Settings.

It's not too surprising that Sony would promote Destiny in this fashion. After all, Sony has said it is treating Destiny like a first-party game, supporting it with console bundles, exclusive DLC, and more.

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