"Destiny Is Never Finished," Bungie Says

"We'll have more to show you next year."


With 2016 coming to a close and no new Destiny expansions announced, fans of the series may be looking forward to Destiny 2, or whatever it ends up being called, which comes out in 2017.

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Activision has confirmed the game, but it has yet to be formally announced. In Bungie's latest weekly blog post, the last one for 2016, the developer teased its ongoing Destiny development.

"We'll get back to business as usual once the eggnog leaves our blood," Bungie said, referencing holiday festivities. "Until we talk again, work will continue at Bungie. It always does. Destiny is never finished. We have playtests of new content to share with each other."

"Thanks for playing our games, Guardians. We'll have more to show you next year. But that's a conversation for another time. For now, let it snow."

Bungie added that, while many of its developers will be out of the office to enjoy the holidays with friends and family, a live operations team is always on-hand to tackle any Destiny issues that may come up. "Of course, there is always a Bungie squad in the building to ensure the game can flow," it said.

Skylanders developer Vicarious Visions recently announced that it is joining Bungie and High Moon Studios on the Destiny franchise.

In other news, Destiny's holiday event, The Dawning, is currently underway. It runs until early January, and you can read a lot more about it here.

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