Destiny House of Wolves DLC Release Window Revealed, As Bungie Teases Fall Announcement

Second expansion to launch before end of June, while Bungie also teases a Destiny announcement for this fall.


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House of Wolves, the second major expansion for Bungie's shooter Destiny, will launch sometime in the second quarter of 2015. That means it will be released within the April-June timeframe. Bungie confirmed the new release window today in a post on its website.

Details about House of Wolves emerged earlier this week, but Bungie isn't quite ready to talk specifics about the expansion.

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"We're keeping all other details under wraps for now," the developer said. "There is a special team here that's dedicated to creating some new ways for you to play Destiny. They’re also making the game you know a better reflection of what we've learned about you since you've started playing."

"While they do their thing, we'll walk the fine line between making you a part of the process and providing them with a safe place to explore possibilities and do their best work."

Bungie also reminded gamers that official information about House of Wolves will come from the Bungie Blog itself, not outside sources.

"Enjoy the speculation and discussion that makes an Internet community fun, but stay tuned here so we can go on record about what awaits you as 'Q2' draws nearer," Bungie said.

Finally, Bungie teased that something Destiny-related is coming this fall. Could it be information about Destiny 2, which Activision previously confirmed was in development? It's too early to say, unfortunately.

"And on a long enough timeline, we'll also talk about what we're planning for this Fall," Bungie said.

House of Wolves follows Destiny's first expansion pack, The Dark Below, which launched in December 2014. Both add-ons are included with the $35 Destiny Expansion Pass.

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Avatar image for Zombrex

Halo + Candy Crush = Destiny

Avatar image for Revl8n

Is anybody still playing this POS?

Avatar image for sargentpsgamer

I think it's honestly stupid they are making Destiny 2.... they have the prime game to change course and release massive EXPANSIONs and instead we get little DLC releases and a whole new game.....

Avatar image for vulgarian187

Well, 3 separate 32's with maxed weapons and a bank packed with most launch vets. Was really hoping that the DLC was coming on the leaked date of March 10. 'Sigh' I don't see the point even playing now with nothing to do. Am I wrong?

Bungie+Activision=Fat pockets and sad gamers :(

Avatar image for FreeBonds

<< LINK REMOVED >> Destiny has already sapped enough of my time of maniacally obsessing over it. I need to play some other games anyway, and don't mind taking the break. I already pumped over a 1,000 hours into it as I'm sure you have as well, money earned I say. I also need to obtain the Iron Banner full armor set. So there are still things to do for me.

Avatar image for teske4444

<< LINK REMOVED >> I couldn't read a single post of yours.

Avatar image for yussss

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Almost forgot and this is the real kicker: Servers? Yeah we wait almost six months in and still dealing with servers? I could take once or twice a week but multiple times a week, every week still? I suggest you get your team in the fancy room to get to work now. Tadaaaaaaaaaaa

Avatar image for jasongm

Before end of June?? So there really isn't any reason to play now since we already have everything then?

Avatar image for GH05T-666

There wont be a Destiny 2 announcement. It has still got 3 more expansions to come after House of Wolves.

    Comet: Plague of Darkness
  • Date: September 2015
  • Locations: Moon, Venus, Mars, Hive Ship
  • Activities: 12 Story, 4 Strike, 1 Raid, 1 Location, 6 PvP Maps
  • Bonus: New subclasses and 2 new weapon types
    The Vex
  • Date: TBA
  • Locations: Venus, Mars
  • Activities: 3 Story, 2 Strike, 1 Raid, ? PvP Maps

Forge of Gods

  • Date: TBA
  • Locations: TBA
  • Activities: 3 Story, 2 Strike, 1 Raid, ? PVP Maps
Avatar image for yussss

<< LINK REMOVED >> So you mean the 35$ season pass... Isn't really a season pass??

Avatar image for SavageEvil

<< LINK REMOVED >> I'm only interested in Comet as it's like 4 pieces of DLC in one,

Avatar image for josh0shaw

I still play Destiny, and try and guilt trip Chris back into it every chance I get.

Avatar image for Coren_Larken

<< LINK REMOVED >> Do it! He knows if he ever tries it again, he won't be able to leave--it's like the Hotel California. Or something.

Avatar image for CapnXtraObvious

Is there ANYONE excited for a Destiny announcement? I mean, many of us play the game, but I find a Destiny announcement being teased the least exciting thing I've heard all week :S

Avatar image for tom_cat_01

<< LINK REMOVED >> I'm sorry, I can't lie. I freekin' LOVE Destiny.

Avatar image for CapnXtraObvious

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> You and Wario both, bro.

Avatar image for MAL1C3_Inc

I was so dissatisfied with Destiny after I bought it, somewhere around level 12. Let it collect dust for a few months, then decided to take another crack at it and became completely obsessed upon hitting level 20. Idk what happened, it just blindsided me. Now I'm obsessed with getting those exotics and the iron banner...

Avatar image for rumadbrah

Geez Destiny 2 I wont make the same mistake twice.

Avatar image for guitargladiator

so house of wolves in may and "comet" expansion in like september. the content has already leaked, not much to announce

Avatar image for Revl8n

Is anyone still playing this pos?

Avatar image for bravoecho117

I still play it n ur point issssss ?

Avatar image for silversix_

so 2 strikes (if you're lucky n is on ps3/4), 3 bounty missions that everyone completed and forgotten long ago, crota that everyone cheese da F up is all there is from December to June? Is this real? REALLY? Then as if this wasn't enough, you're getting 1 new strike, 1 new raid, 3 new bounties in June until September. Yes, leaving this POS of a game just a little over a week ago was a good decision, yes indeed.

Avatar image for mirage_so3

This game is never going to end... My girlfriend is obsessed with this game it's all she'll do. She's boring as hell lately.

Avatar image for bravoecho117


Avatar image for irishrizo

Seriously who cares about this crap , you already posted something similar already.. the real news it the Huge Weapon tuning they are doing.. for Auto Rifles, Handcannons, Pulse Rifles, Shotguns & Fusion Rifles.. some actual news that affects players of the game.... i wonder if these Editors wait patiently every Thursday for Destiny's weekly update.. were they copy and paste this..why not link it to their site. Silly middle man editorial work

Avatar image for Wild360

Nice. Plenty of time to work on some other games and get my arc damage exotics/raid weapons maxed out.

Avatar image for bravoecho117

Im working on maxing out my weps n doing the daily Eris n van bountys

Avatar image for PixelAddict

Mercury please.

Avatar image for davillain-

And Saturn also. How about maybe Jupiter?

Avatar image for PixelAddict

<< LINK REMOVED >> Would be good, but only Mercury has a Grimoire card that has been sitting idly by, gathering (comet) dust.

Avatar image for PixelAddict

<< LINK REMOVED >> Check that... just saw the Jupiter and Saturn cards.

Apologies to all the Jupiterians and Saturnos involved.

Avatar image for Hagan

eww 3+ months more of Crota? no thanks

Avatar image for bravoecho117

Just do the daily eris n van bountys n maxing out ur weps for the mean time

Avatar image for Zombrex

<< LINK REMOVED >> Yes, because grinding the same missions and the same raids over and over again are so engaging.

Avatar image for wookiegr

<< LINK REMOVED >> 3 more months to play a crap load of other stuff that deserves your attention. Grinding for gear and upgrades isn't all there is out there.

Avatar image for irishrizo

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> haha seriously... some people!

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Destiny 2: we didn't put our story on a website.

Alternate title: we didn't hire a voice actor who really didn't want to do this.

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