Destiny Has 3.2 Million Daily Players a Month After Launch

"Pioneering something new is never easy. When we see the raw numbers, it’s easy for us to say that the destination was worth the journey."

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It has been a full month since Bungie and Activision launched Destiny, and while it has received its fair share of criticism during that time, the data proves that people are still playing it. A lot.

In a post to Bungie's official website, Community Manager David "DeeJ" Dague revealed that Destiny averages 3.2 million players every day. As Bungie revealed last month, these players' play sessions are still three hours long on average, even on weekdays. The average Destiny player also logs into the the game 1.8 times a day, and has played Destiny 20.9 times in total.

To put things into perspective, Bungie says over the past three weeks it has had more players online in Destiny that it did during the same span for Halo 3 and Halo: Reach combined. However, keep in mind that Halo 3 and Halo: Reach had single player campaigns that could be played offline. In Destiny, you have to be online, even if you're playing through the story alone.

"Your reactions and your opinions have helped us to make Destiny better over this past month," Dague said. "Pioneering something new is never easy. When we see the raw numbers, it’s easy for us to say that the destination was worth the journey."

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I have been really enjoying playing Destiny. And everyone I have been playing with is too. Is it perfect? No but no game is and the shooting is just like playing Halo. More elements will be added as time goes on so will just get better.

But I'm a glass half full kind of guy so to each is own. .

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" However, keep in mind that Halo 3 and Halo: Reach had single player campaigns that could be played offline. In Destiny, you have to be online, even if you're playing through the story alone."

Also, keep in mind, that those games were only on one system compared to four. Divide the numbers, I'd imagine they would have a bell curve that mimicked each other. PR & Marketing directors love disregarding facts or just flat out lying. That's not a stab at you Emanuel I know you are just quoting Activision / Bungie.

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i haven't read all the comments but if i remember correctly... the Halo games were only on the 360.... and Destiny is on 4 systems....... ;\

dumba$$e$ so misleading.

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This just proves with enough money thrown into advertising you can get people to buy anything.

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400th comment

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<< LINK REMOVED >> *claps slowly*

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I agree with people that the game population will take a huge hit when the November games comes out. Even I will be taking a break from Destiny by then. However Destiny will still retain it's hardcore fan gamer base and they will draw people back with their December DLC as well as all the "Christmas n00bs" who haven't gotten a chance to play it yet.

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I am a father and recently bought this game for my son. I wanted to return it and criticized this game based on the reivew i saw at the time. My son whom opened the package and began playing it (voiding the return policy), told me this is the best game he has played in a long time and rivaled Halo and Call of Duty. In fact today he told me after leveling his Hunter and Titan, to 20, he said, "This is my favorite game...hands down!" Give this game a try and you wont be disappointing, the start of the game though is a bit tedious but believe me its like crack to kids. My child only plays 2 hours every other day but if I'm not careful he could play all day......

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That's less likely for now, they won't even be able to reach 1 million active.

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Oh ... well... I guess everyone here was right. The game was a bust. Only 3.2 million a day - that's horrible.

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> Community Manager David "DeeJ" Dague revealed that Destiny averages 3.2 million players every day

Couldn't have said something like there's 3.2 million people enjoying the game daily?

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Unless its gamer base is willing to spend $40 on DLC only 2 months after buying it, that number is going to dwindle. Good luck with the 10 year plan. This is going to be expensive to play.

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So you're telling me, a game released on EVERY platform (except pc) has more players playing than a game released on a single console? No s**t

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Sad news is sad indeed.

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I look forward to what numbers they release next month, if any at all. Destiny currently benefits from being the only heavily marketed multiplatform FPS on the shelves right now. Halo is ready to take a chunk out from the xbo community, and COD is ready to take the rest. And those aren't the only AAA games in the lineup, either...

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Bought reviews to bulk up the Metacritic score : 20 million

Mad hype advertising campaign : 50 million
Game of Thrones star voice actor : 80 million
Bungie team salaries to live a rockstar lifestyle : 100 million
Development concentrating on fancy graphics :250 million

Getting completely trashed on Gamespot by Kevin Van Ord : Priceless

There are some things money can’t buy, a good game on a repetitive concept is one of them.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> 80 million for Tyrion to phone in some voice acting? Seriously?

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Another sad member of the VanOrd legion, I see. Do you have his initials or portrait tattooed on you? I'm guessing a tramp stamp.

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@fabs1 if the game was bad no one would play it. That's common sense bro. Also if the game was bad gamespot wouldn't constantly put up videos and articles about Destiny. The game has been out a month and gamespot is still showing videos and articles bro.

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As has been said we're less than a month away from some other major titles. 2 multiplayer shooters (Halo:MCE) and (COD:AW) then we've got Far Cry 4 incoming, and Assassins creed...

I expect it'll be but a barren wasteland come 3rd week november.

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Yea, and then COD will come out in a month, and that number will fall down a cliff

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I think COD peeps are still playing COD.. they don't like change why would they play Destiny..

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I still play Destiny and I'm over level 21. I been playing Destiny since day one. I love the crucible. New monarchy ftw.

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Let's see if they announce the numbers next month. I got rid of mine last week. Wonder how many others will get tired of the same thing every time they play it.

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People must be desperate for games right now it has been pretty slow recently, I mean for the millions of people who bought a PS4 this is pretty much it and the hype for this one still hasnt worn off. Give it 2 months and see that number drop by half I bet.

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@foxbat_prime I wonder how many people are playing Forza horizon 2. I don't think it's a lot since we know nothing about it's sales numbers or preorders so I know people not playing that on the other hand Driveclub servers are full and crashing. What about Shadow of Mordor, Everyone doesn't like lord of the rings so I don't see a lot of people leaving to play that. It's a lot of games out right now. Destiny is just a good game and one of the best out

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creating your character in Oblivion's pre-game has more depth than Destiny

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Very strong numbers all around, I'll be curious to see if Halo and Call of Duty makes a serious dent into it.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Master Chief Collection will by my first Halo purchase =) I'm pumped. I don't think I will be able to justify buying COD because I may get a Wii U for smash.

But I really do not see how every single xbox owner will not be tempted to pick up Halo. 4 games for the price of 1 is an insanely good deal.

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Get A Wii U , it's a great addition to your other consoles...mine gets less action but glad to have one :)

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@TroyTrojanGamer @Stevo_the_gamer Halo is nothing special, you haven't messed out on anything, it's just like cod but with no aim down sights and the story is just like Destiny you fight aliens to try to save the world

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Let TroyTrojanGamer decide that for him/her self.

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@AVIDBOY5 @pnova I'm sure he will found out just like I founded out. All my friends used to hype halo up but when I played it it wasn't special. I never pplayed a halo game as long as a played Destiny, that's for sure. Halo was never that interesting to me.

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These numbers are going to crash when COD comes out. Pvp-ers will leave in droves.

It's an addictive game, but after a while you realize that "the emperor has no clothes". It's a hollow world, devoid of anything to care about, except for grinding for gear.... Gear which gives you no advantage in pvp and might shave off a few seconds the next time you go kill that same boss for the hundredth time.

People are playing it because there's nothing else to play.

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BRB Titans ready.