Destiny Getting "Larger" Update After Valentine's Day Event

"There are more stories about 2016 that remain to be told."


Bungie has now acknowledged that Destiny's Crimson Days Valentine's Day event might feel somewhat underwhelming. And while it's not time to pull back the curtain just yet, Bungie has teased that another, "larger" update is coming to Destiny sometime after February, though its contents are a mystery.

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"We know that many of you wanted more news beyond our February event," Bungie community manager David "DeeJ" Dague said on the developer's website. "We know that your imaginations for how we might challenge you next are limitless, and we love you for that. It's why we do what we do. Very soon, we'll have more to share about a second, larger game update that will arrive sometime after February.

"There are more stories about 2016 that remain to be told, and you'll learn more as soon as I get my own anxious hands on the full and final details," he added.

Dague went on to say the team at Bungie is eager to show Destiny fans what's coming to the shooter later in the year, but they haven't been given the greenlight yet from the powers that be.

Bungie offered a $40 expansion pass for Destiny's first year, which included The Dark Below and House of Wolves. The Taken King expansion was offered separately. However, no such pass has been announced for year two, which began in September 2015.

Earlier this month, items discovered on Destiny's server suggested that the game may be headed to Mercury in the future. Bungie has yet to make any announcements regarding Destiny's future beyond the Valentine's Day update. Whenever it does, we'll have all the details for you.

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