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Destiny Getting Help From Transformers Dev [UPDATED]

A little help from my friends.


[UPDATE] Bungie confirmed its partnership with High Moon Studios in this week's developer update.

The blog reads, "Bungie would like to give an official shout-out to the fine men and women at High Moon Studios. For a while now, we’ve kept our love secret, but it has become known that they’re working with us. Please join us in welcoming them to the party!"

The original story appears below.

It appears Bungie is no longer the only developer working on sci-fi shooter Destiny.

A newly discovered job advertisement at Activision's High Moon Studios reveals a previously unannounced partnership between the Transformers and Deadpool developer and Bungie.

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"We need to add world class talent as we partner with Bungie to support work on their groundbreaking Destiny franchise," reads a line from a job ad for a mission designer.

An ideal candidate for the position will be "passionately familiar with the Destiny franchise." Skills that will make a candidate more attractive include experience and familiarity with cooperative mission design and open-world design. These are the hallmarks of Destiny.

We've contacted Activision and Bungie to ask for more details regarding the new High Moon-Bungie partnership. We'll update this post with anything we hear back.

High Moon has a history of playing a supporting role in the development of blockbuster games. Most recently, the studio developed the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 editions of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

The studio also developed The Bourne Conspiracy (2008), as well as Transformers games War for Cybertron (2010), Dark of the Moon (2011), and Fall of Cybertron (2012). High Moon also developed 2013's Deadpool, based on the Marvel character of the same name. After development on this project wrapped up, Activision cut around 40 full-time positions at the studio.

Although Bungie may be looking for help on Destiny, it doesn't mean the developer has stopped hiring internally. In fact, the studio currently has a whopping 74 open positions posted to its website.

Last week, Bungie released Destiny's second expansion, House of Wolves. Bungie will continue to support Destiny throughout the summer with more content, leading up to the release of another major, unannounced expansion this fall. The name of this add-on could be The Taken King, as Bungie trademarked that name recently.

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