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Destiny Gets More PlayStation-Exclusive Content With House of Wolves

PlayStation players will receive an exclusive Crucible map called Time Keeper


Today during a special Twitch livetstream, Bungie announced that, like The Dark Below before it, upcoming Destiny expansion House of Wolves will also have PlayStation exclusive content, though not as much.

While The Dark Below offered PlayStation players an exclusive Strike and exotic weapon, House of Wolves will give Sony players an exclusive Crucible map called Time Keeper. Focused around a mysterious, clockwork-like structure on Mars built by the Vex, this map has the most verticality and the most open space to run around in, we reported earlier today after spending some hands-on time with it.

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House of Wolves will deliver three other maps, which will be released for both PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Read more about those maps in GameSpot's previous coverage.

In other Destiny news, Bungie also announced today that the Crucible maps from December's Dark Below expansion will become free for everyone when House of Wolves arrives on May 19.

GameSpot recently visited Bungie's headquarters and played Trials of Osiris and more. Check out our preview for everything you need to know. We also have some new Destiny House of Wolves screenshots, which you can see in the gallery below.

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