Destiny Gets Microtransactions

New emotes are optional purchases and will not impact the core game.


Bungie is introducing microtransactions to its sci-fi shooter Destiny. Detailed on the Bungie website, players will be able to purchase new emotes using Silver, a new in-game currency which will be purchasable using real-world money via the console's relevant store (so Xbox Live for Xbox consoles, and PSN store for PlayStation consoles).

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Returning NPC Tess Everis will offer 18 new emotes for players to buy using Silver from October 13. Bungie has assured that the emotes are optional and "won't impact the action game in any way." Pricing information and descriptions for each emote will be available on the day. All players will receive some free Silver to purchase "an emote or two" when they go on sale.

Bungie explained that the new items are being used to provide support for the live team for another year as it expands and creates more content for players.

Tess Everis returns to Destiny with new in-game items to sell "courtesy of Eververse Trading Company"--a title Bungie previously filed trademarks for. The trademark applications each covered a long list of things ranging from video game software to Halloween clothing and action figures.

October 13 is also the same day competitive multiplayer mode Iron Banner makes a three-day return. Match rewards will include weapons and armor, with drop rates higher than they previously were. Check out our gamespace for more on the recent updates as well as upcoming new content for Destiny.

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