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Destiny Fan Makes 3D-Printed Thorn Pistol That Actually Fires

One Destiny fan has made a gun that actually works.


Fans of Bungie's shooter Destiny have made some cool replicas of the game's guns, but one fan built one that actually fires.

Kirby Downey chose to recreate the infamous Thorn hand cannon, designing a 3D-printed model that looks amazing. But it also hides an airsoft pistol inside it, meaning that it could be used for target practice or even, if some fans are especially motivated, a recreated Destiny battle.

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The creator has reinforced the gun with metal to protect it from drops, although it must be dismantled to access the compartment for the airsoft pistol. But it looks pretty much exactly like the Thorn from in-game, and it's been built to scale.

Destiny fans are also known for some impressive cosplay, such as Paola Alejandra's Warlock from San Diego Comic-Con.

The game itself will soon receive a substantial expansion. Destiny: The Taken King launches on September 15, and it will come with an update that reduces Thorn's effectiveness in-game. You can read our E3 impressions of its new multiplayer mode here and its story here.

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