Destiny DLC, The Dark Below, Now Live

Early details emerge as streamers begin to record playthroughs.

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Destiny's first major expansion, The Dark Below, has now gone live in the west. Players based in North America and Europe can log in to access the premium add-on content, which costs $20 (£20).

New details show that Eris Morn, an NPC vendor, is the new point of contact for the expansion, offering special bounty missions and vanity items. Morn--who stands at the Tower's main plaza--sells shaders, emblems, cloaks, and warlock bonds, as well as other materials.

Players also have a new reputation to be aware of, Crota's Bane, which must be accumulated (by completing bounties) in order to have the chance to buy Morn's items. Meanwhile, a new six-player raid, called Crota's End, is now available for fireteams to conquer.

A host of streamers have already begun to play through the game on Twitch (video embedded below).

The Dark Below marks the first of what is expected to be multiple expansions for Destiny. It is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. More details of the expansion, which includes new story missions, can be found below.

  • New weapons, armour, and gear to further customise your Guardian.
  • The ability to increase your Light level to 32, and five additional bounty slots.
  • Three new competitive multiplayer maps: Pantheon, Skyshock, and The Cauldron.
  • New cooperative Strike: The Will of Crota. Purge a twisted horror from the Cosmodrome.
  • An additional resident of the Tower: Eris, a resolute survivor of an ill-fated mission.
  • And a new six-player Raid: Crota’s End. Face him in the deepest dark.

Some exclusive content is also coming to the PS4 edition.

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