Destiny Devs Shot Machine Guns and Rifles in the Desert for Game's Sound

"The Sounds of Destiny."


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Bungie today released a cool Destiny mini-documentary that showcases the lengths the audio team went to for the creation of the game's sound effects and music. The 15-minute video documents the process and is appropriately enough titled "The Sounds of Destiny"; you can check it out below.

One particularly interesting segment of the video is the footage of Bungie's trip to an Air Force base outside of Las Vegas. There, the team fired all manner of guns--World War 1 machine guns and .50 caliber rifles were among them--and captured the sounds for use in Destiny.

Bungie also visited factories and recorded the sounds of lathes and blowtorches. Additionally, the team recorded a sheet metal stamper machine, and the the sound was ultimately used for Vex footsteps. The video is full of interesting facts about the game's sound design and score; it's well worth a watch.

Noticeably absent from the video is Peter Dinklage, the original voice of Ghost. He was replaced by video game voice acting veteran Nolan North. Also not seen in the video is Marty O'Donnell, who worked on Destiny's music before he was let go. He sued Bungie and won an award of more than $100,000.

In other Destiny news, the game is getting a "large" expansion this year, with a full sequel coming in 2017. On the more immediate horizon, a new update is coming this spring that will introduce a Light increase, new PvE challenges, and more gear, among other things.

Destiny's spring update will be discussed in greater detail during a "Ride Along" livestream event scheduled for sometime down the road.

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Plenty of devs do this Eddie, it's amazing you didn't know that.

Amazing, but not unexpected.

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Many devs do this

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They shot machine guns and rifles in the desert to shoot machine guns and rifles in the desert.

One can buy access to Pro Sound Effects if one wants sound effects.

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@BravoOneActual: LOL, I was just about to say this exact same thing too!

What a complete waste of time and resources.... Actually, not that surprised. Guess all the sound effects that they recorded for other games had expiration dates.

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F*ck Destiny, and their machine gun totting devs

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Similar to what many developers really do? Even smaller studios actually do so(Not all for obvious reasons, but why is it a big deal for Bungie)? Not a bad video, but why pick something out and make it sounds like using real life weapon sounds is rare?

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@Smosh150: You know they edit them, they just get a baseline, or just random sounds from certain type of stuff, and then remix, edit until it sounds right for the game, I don't think anything there is actually the raw audio without any sound edits.

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@maitkarro: Fair enough, I just find it weird to pick Bungie out for doing this. It is not just that uncommon to get real sounds though(Not so much indie, though there are some who do).

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Hm. Are they worried people are forgetting about them this week for some reason?

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Imagine how big the gun must have been in order to record the sound for the Gjallarhorn!

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@echoalphaecho: because they must have field tested cluster bombs lol would explain where the budget went

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Wow, like Battlefield producers did, what, 15 years ago?

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Ohhhh, that's where the 500 million went. I'm expecting a Destiny 2 announcement by the end of this year.

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He should be testing those rifles on a Destiny disk.

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Let the "Destiny has no content", "This game sucks" comments begin!

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@fig56: I can already see some...

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@rosinmonkekyx17: It was actually the first comment on here. lol

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@rosinmonkekyx17: 6hrs later, 12 comments and only 1 like that. Guess that's dying out :)

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They are SO out of content that they're recycling the production's "behind-the-scenes".