Destiny Dev Vows to Fix This Newly Discovered Sparrow Exploit [UPDATE]

It's now been fixed.


[UPDATE] Bungie has fixed this exploit in an update released last night.

The original story is below.

Destiny developer Bungie has vowed to fix a newly discovered exploit that allows players to get a Sparrow Racing League item for free, when it should cost $10.

"We're investigating a bug with the SRL Record Book, with the intention of fixing it. Please stand by," Bungie wrote on Twitter this afternoon.

The exploit came to light today, one day after Sparrow Racing League came to Destiny.

As explained on Reddit, the exploit involves the SRL Record Book. Normally, it costs 1,000 Silver ($10), but players quickly found they could walk up to Eververse Trading Company NPC Tess, complete the book's challenges, and get the loot without actually buying it. This process is detailed in the video above.

"I believe those of us who actually spent the 1000 silver on the SRL Record Book should be refunded or compensated in some way," the Reddit user, T1Giggle, said. "This is a really unfortunate oversight on Bungie's part, and I really hope they can make it right for those who spent money on something people are obtaining for free."

Bungie did not say when it plans to deliver the fix or if it will indeed compensate players who spent money to buy the Record Book. We'll have more details on this exploit as they become available.

Sparrow Racing League came to Destiny on Tuesday as part of the game's big December update. It will be available in the game through the end of the month.

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