Destiny Dev Trademarks Something Called "Eververse Trading Co."

Bungie files three trademarks, possibly related to Destiny.


Does Destiny's future involve something called "Eververse"?

On May 19, Bungie filed three trademark applications with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) related to that name. One is for "Eververse"; another covers "Eververse Trading Co."; and a third pertains to the "Eververse" logo you see below.

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Each covers a long list of things, ranging from the expected--video game software--to things like Halloween clothing and action figures.

Bungie has not announced anything called Eververse, so we're left scratching our heads on this one. We've contacted Bungie, asking for additional insight on the matter.

The developer also recently trademarked something called The Taken King.

If Eververse and The Taken King are related to Destiny, it's possible these are the names of the game's new DLC due out this summer or its major expansion slated for this fall.

The "Eververse Trading Co." reference is particularly interesting, given Bungie's previous comments about the possibility of Destiny one day introducing a player trading system.

"The investment designers, there's a lot of conversations I'm sure that happen about that," Destiny creative director Christopher Barrett said in April. "We're always considering features like that. Personally, I'd prefer not to have player trading. But you'll get different opinions across the entire team."

The Eververse trademarks were first spotted on NeoGAF.

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