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Destiny Brings Back The Classic "That Wizard Came From The Moon" Line

The Peter Dinklage version of Ghost makes a brief return.


With Destiny's new Age of Triumph update--the game's final live event--Bungie is celebrating the game's past few years. That includes one of its more infamous moments.

Until he was replaced by veteran voice actor Nolan North, Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage's performance as your Ghost companion was maligned. In particular, a line in the Destiny alpha where he exclaims, "That Wizard came from the moon!" was the butt of numerous jokes, and it ended up being cut for the final game.

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With Age of Triumph now available, Reddit user Undead_Primate has discovered the dialogue has been restored as a joke. After completing the mission, the Dinklage line plays, followed by North's version of Ghost clearing its throat. You can watch a video clip here.

It isn't the first time Bungie has embraced the ridiculous line, as it previously sold a shirt with it adorned on the front. It became the Bungie store's best-selling item within an hour of going on sale.

The Age of Triumph update also features other nice, less jokey touches for longtime Destiny fans, such as restoring the original main menu music.

While there's a variety of new things to do and collect in Destiny, the bulk of fans' attention is now on Destiny 2. This week has seen the release of a teaser image and trailer, with a full reveal trailer set to be revealed tomorrow, March 30.

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