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Destiny Breaking up Nightfall and Weekly Heroic Strikes



On big change coming to Destiny following the release of the House of Wolves expansion later this month will add more variety to the game's Strike missions. Bungie revealed during a roundtable interview with GameSpot that, going forward, the Nightfall and Weekly Heroic Strikes will take place on different maps.

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In addition, you're more likely to see a House of Wolves Strike for the Nightfall or the Weekly in the first couple weeks after the expansion launches. After that, the maps will return to a normal rotation.

Bungie also revealed that to upgrade non-Exotic armor/weapons to parity, you will need Etheric Light. This will elevate your new armor to the current maximum Light Level and your weapons to maximum damage for year one. You'll be able to get Etheric Light from the Nightfall Strikes as a supplementary drop, so it should not take away your chance at a Legendary or Exotic.

What happens after year one? Right now, Bungie isn't talking further details, but we should learn more soon.

To get up to speed on all of the additions and changes coming to the game in House of Wolves, including a full playthrough of the Prison of Elders mode, check out our Destiny expansion round-up.

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