Destiny April Fools' Day Prank Is an Epic Dance Party

Bust a move.


Who wants to dance? Your Destiny character does, that's who. As part of Bungie's April Fools' Day prank, your Destiny character is locked into a constant state of dancing on

Visit the "Legend" tab on the website to see your character get down. It's even funnier if you have multiple characters, as YouTube user moreuse shows us in the video above.

Does Bungie have a dedicated dance choreographer on staff? They must, because some of these moves are pretty excellent.

Destiny is just one of the many games celebrating April Fools' Day today. Check out our roundup here to see what other games are doing to mark the occasion.

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Que the trolls, " i thought this game was the prank" comments galore. I personal thought that the game was really fun and they have added quite a bit of content since release... much better the recycled Cliché the is hardline and other regurgitated, vomit, cash grab games of the like...

Guess that's just me tough but at least i formed the opinion by actually playing the game rather then being told what i thought about it. Oh well, to each is own...
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I thought they may reveal that 'Destiny' was the April fools prank.

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Nice but wat wuda ben REALLY funny??HoW?imagine House o wolfs teasingly cumin out at a CERTAIN time??omyyy THAT wuda ben a great April fools??its just soo bad we gtta wait ANOTHER month cuz Bungie prove sum fool rite releasin the REAL date which Bungie IF they was SMART,wuda stuck wit the MARCH 10 date?owellllll

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wow... I thought all the Desitny haters had died and gone to Crota... guess people will be hating on this game for the entire next 10 years its due to be entertaining the rest of us...

Fill up on your hate guys, cause this franchise isn't going anywhere...

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Love the game. It's the greatest game you can never play. Too many hare, catipillars, and silly error codes. Hope it doesn't take 10 years to get it right.

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Wasn't last years April Fools after the game launched a half arsed baked game it was meant to be oh wait no just checked it was actually really that and they charged for the cutting room floor bits

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I don't think Bungie is in a position to make jokes about Destiny.

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Bungie needs to spend some time on the damn game that doesn't work instead of this nonsense, this game is dancing into the garbage can.

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But they added tricks you can make with your bike! Only one of your bikes...

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the word "prank" is thrown around a lot today...

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Yet somehow a vault increase higher than what we are finally getting is to hard for them O.o

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I thought destiny was the april fools joke...

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Good one... oh yeah, you cant hear the sarcasm in my voice...

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i might be old but wasnt april fools about fooling someone? not doing something odd like this? how is this a prank anyway?

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It's not April odds day!

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Even their April Fools prank is on their stupid website instead of in the game, they're giving their lore the same respect they give their pranks.

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boring...just like the game

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Yup, predictable as hell.

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heh, Destiny doesn't need to do anything for april's fool. Playing is sufficient.

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