Destiny 2's Vault Of Glass Raid Brings Back Vex Mythoclast, One Of Destiny 1's Best Guns

The launch of the Vault of Glass raid brings you an opportunity to snag Vex Mythoclast, one of the favorites from the original Destiny.


The announcement that Bungie was bringing back Destiny's first raid, the Vault of Glass, in Destiny 2 immediately brought to mind another throwback from the game's past: Vex Mythoclast. The Destiny 1 gun was accessible through the Vault in its original form, and was one of the coolest weapons in that game. There's good news coming with the reopening of the Vault when it launches on May 22: Vex Mythoclast is coming with it.

Though we don't know too many official details of what to expect with Bungie's revamped take on the Vault of Glass--it will be different, in some ways at least, from the D1 version--dataminers and hints in Destiny 2 have given clues as to what players might get out of it. The details about Vex Mythoclast have been mined and are currently available on sites like the eminently helpful, which suggests that it'll be the raid Exotic available if you complete the Vault.

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If you're not familiar, Vex Mythoclast is a powerful Solar fusion rifle, but one that uses Primary ammo. That means it's a lot easier to keep Mythoclast loaded and firing. The Destiny 2 version has two firing modes. The standard mode sounds like it will work as a mix between a standard scout rifle and a linear fusion rifle, shooting straight laser bursts with each trigger pull. The alternate fire mode will be available after you build up "Overcharge" by killing enemies, which will then allow you to charge up a powerful linear fusion rifle shot. According to the rundown, Mythoclast also packs ludicrous aim assistance--that little bit of special sauce that makes some guns more adept at hitting headshots than others.

In the past, Mythoclast was only available if you completed the hard mode version of the Vault of Glass. In Destiny 2, there are two possibilities for how you'll come by Vex Mythoclast: either through an Exotic quest, as in the Garden of Salvation, or from random drops, as in the Deep Stone Crypt. In Garden, you can get the Divinity trace rifle only if you and your squad complete a bunch of steps, both outside and inside the raid. The result is that Divinity is a guaranteed drop so long as you solve the puzzles scattered through the raid along the way. With Deep Stone Crypt, the Eyes of Tomorrow rocket launcher is only attainable if it randomly drops for you after completing the raid's final encounter. The chances are low, but they grow with each subsequent completion of the raid. Hazarding a guess, it seems a lot more likely that Vex Mythoclast will come from a random drop than from completing a Garden-like set of puzzles.

Early looks at the Vault through datamining reveal a few other choice items that seem to be coming from the raid. One is an Exotic catalyst for Vex Mythoclast, which will amp its stats and may even give it an additional high-level perk. You'll also find a few other Destiny 1 favorites, like the sniper rifle Praedyth's Revenge, the hand cannon Fatebringer, the scout rifle Vision of Confluence, the shotgun Found Verdict, the rocket launcher Hezen Vengeance, and the machine gun Corrective Measure.

The Vault of Glass goes live at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET on Saturday, May 22. Stay tuned for more coverage and guides for handling the raid once we're able to dive in and take down Atheon ourselves.

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