Destiny 2's The Dawning Event Adds Snowball Fights, Mayhem Mode, And More

The Dawning begins next week on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


Destiny 2 did not have a Halloween event this year, but the game will celebrate the holiday season with a winter-themed makeover and more. Bungie announced on its website the first details on this year's The Dawning event, which will see Destiny 2's social spaces, the Tower and Farm, decorated with a festive look. Additionally, snow has fallen and you can take part in the merriment by partaking in snowball fights with other players.

This extends beyond the Tower and the Farm, as you can now throw snowballs at enemies in Strikes to stun and damage them. Also new for The Dawning is the return of the Crucible's Mayhem mode, which is not holiday-themed but who cares. Additionally, there are new Dawning engrams that you can earn each week by completing milestones in Crucible and Strikes.

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What's more, Destiny 2 now has new consumable items that you can use to give rewards to everyone you are playing with. Further still, the Eververse store will refresh every week so you'll have multiple opportunities to pick up the themed ships, ghosts, sparrows, and emotes during the three-week event. Finally, you can acquire a Dawning Gift Schematic which you can use to craft a gift that you can then send to a friend.

The Dawning begins on Tuesday, December 19, and wraps up three weeks later, ending on Tuesday, January 9. You can click through the images in the gallery above to get a closer look at how Destiny 2 will look next week when The Dawning begins.

Destiny 2's Curse of Osiris expansion launched earlier this month. Our Curse of Osiris review notes that it doesn't meaningfully improve on the base game's shortcomings. Curse of Osiris initially locked non-DLC owners out of some content they previously had access to. Bungie has since reversed course on this to some degree, but the harder, Prestige version of the weekly Nightfall remains Curse of Osiris-only. Additionally, there will be weeks where the Trials of the Nine multiplayer activity features an Osiris map, which means only those with the DLC will have access to it.

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