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Destiny 2's Super-High Commendations Score Requirement For Guardian Ranks Has Been Lowered

The grind for digital high-fives from your fireteam just got a little easier.


One of the new quality-of-life improvements introduced in Destiny 2: Lightfall is a Commendations system, digital kudos that can be handed out at the end of several activities. Commendations are also a vital part of the Guardian Ranks system, but getting the required number of them to ascend through the Guardian Ranks requires a serious amount of work. In a response to community criticism over the high cost of commendations needed, Bungie has decided to reduce the number needed for progression.

"To more closely match our goals, we have reduced the required Commendations score to complete objectives across all Guardian Ranks," Bungie tweeted. "Objective descriptions will be updated on March 16 to display the new Commendations requirements."

Currently, you'll need a Commendations score of 750 to go from Rank 6 to 7 by the end of the season, while obtaining higher ranks will see this number increase exponentially. To reach the top tier of Destiny 2's Guardian Ranks system, Rank 11, you'll need a score of 6,000 from the community, which can be obtained from several hundred raids if you have the time. It's worth noting that some Commendations count for more points, as earning Mastery nods from your fireteam will increase your Commendation score much more quickly.

Only a few activities offer Mastery Commendations though, and as some players have discovered, one of the best ways to cheese the system is to gather a fireteam, load into the Wellspring activity, and wipe out your entire squad with a rocket launcher attack. Once everyone reaches the Commendations screen, the cards can be handed out and repeating this process for around 30 minutes will see players reach the requirement to earn a level 7 Guardian Rank.

In other Destiny 2 news, a new batch of Seasonal Objectives are now available, the Root of Nightmares raid saw record completion numbers, and the first Iron Banner event of the season will be arriving a little later than originally scheduled.

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