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Destiny 2's Revamped Clan System Detailed

You can turn your Destiny Group into a Clan in Destiny 2.


When Bungie announced Destiny 2 back in May, it teased some major improvements coming to Clans. In the first Destiny, Groups provided little more to their members than an identification icon in-game; but in Destiny 2, Clans will be an important service for teaming up, organizing games, and leading Guided Games. Today, Bungie talked a lot more about what you can expect from the overhauled system.

In its Weekly Update, Bungie first reassured current members of Groups that they can, in fact, migrate over to being a Destiny 2 Clan. Starting on July 25 and lasting for a month, Group leaders will have the ability to decide whether or not they want to turn the Group into a Clan. During this time, they can pass off the leadership role to someone else or retain the position. After a month, the new Clan creation system will go live on Bungie's website.

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Clans in Destiny 2 will be structured similarly to Destiny 1 Groups; they'll be capped at 100 members, and Destiny 2 accounts will be able to be a member of one Clan on each platform. However, they'll also have new abilities and features. Foremost among these is the ability to lead Guided Games, the new matchmaking-esque system for high-level content like Raids and Nightfall Strikes. A group of five Clan members can, for example, seek a sixth player outside the Clan in order to have a full party to take on a Raid.

In addition, Clan members can invite others to be a part of the Clan from inside the game. All members will get rewards for the success of their Clanmates, although the nature of these rewards is still unknown.

Destiny 2 launches on September 6 for PS4 and Xbox One, and on October 24 for PC. Players can play in a beta for the game starting on July 18 for PS4, July 19 for Xbox One, and in late August for PC. You can read about why the PC version is coming out after the console versions here. In addition, we had a chance to talk with Bungie at E3 2017, and you can read our interview here.

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