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Destiny 2's PS4-Exclusive Content For Curse Of Osiris DLC Revealed

Another Crucible map will only be available on PS4 (for now).


Destiny 2 already features PS4-exclusive content, but that won't be true for just the base game. The newly revealed Curse of Osiris DLC expansion will also include at least one thing that PC and Xbox One players won't have immediate access to.

Sony revealed Curse of Osiris during its Paris Games Week showcase. Curiously, however, it called no attention to exclusive content (as it did with Monster Hunter World's beta and Horizon: Zero Dawn items), despite the fact that it was a PlayStation event. Subsequently, however, Bungie teased on the PlayStation Blog what PS4 players will get: an exclusive Crucible map.

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No specific details about it were shared, but there is a batch of screenshots that show it's apparently set in the New Pacific Arcology, a location you'll have spent some time in if you've reached Titan in the game's campaign. You can get a look at the map in the images above.

Curse of Osiris releases for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on December 5. It features a new story that takes players to Mercury and the Infinite Forest location, and it adds a new social space, missions, Strikes, "Raid content" (whatever that means exactly), free roam activities, a world quest, and "more." It also increases Destiny 2's level cap.

Activision said earlier this year that PS4-exclusive content in the base game--which includes a Strike, Crucible map, and gear--will remain that way until "at least Fall 2018." However, game director Luke Smith subsequently stated that it will arrive on Xbox One and PC before the end of 2018, likely meaning we'll see it sometime between September and December 2018. Just how soon Curse of Osiris's PS4-only content launches on other platforms, however, remains to be seen.

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