Destiny 2's Pre-order Bonus Is An Exotic Weapon

Check out Coldheart in action.


Exotic items are the most desirable in Destiny--players will spend countless hours attempting to hunt them down. So it's perhaps a bit cruel--but certainly effective--that Activision is now offering up a guaranteed Exotic weapon in exchange for a Destiny 2 pre-order.

As featured in the trailer above, anyone who pre-orders the upcoming Bungie shooter will get their hands on Coldheart. This is an Exotic trace rifle, which is a new type of weapon in Destiny 2. It fires a constant beam in a straight line that deals damage to foes.

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Thankfully for those who are uninterested in pre-ordering games, this won't be the only way to get the weapon. Fine print shown in the trailer notes that, while it will be available right at launch on consoles and PC, it can be "attained through gameplay" starting on December 5. It's unclear at what point you'll gain access to the weapon by pre-ordering; you presumably won't jump into the first level with one equipped.

Following an extension, the Destiny 2 beta wrapped up yesterday; it's been described as "amazingly helpful" for Bungie. The full game is slated for release on September 6 for PS4 and Xbox One, with the PC version following on October 24.

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