Destiny 2's Power Cap Rises 40 Levels In Season Of The Worthy

Bungie is reworking its gear grind in Destiny 2's next content season to make Pinnacle gear easier to obtain.


Each new season of Destiny 2 content includes an increase the Power cap for characters, pushing you to complete activities and gather new gear to become as strong as you can be. Since the release of Shadowkeep, the Power cap has risen by 10 points each season. In the Season of the Worthy, though, the Power cap has leapt up 40 points, which will give players plenty to do over the next few months.

Bungie detailed the Power rise in a previous This Week at Bungie blog, which explained some changes to the way you'll increase your characters' strength in the Season of the Worthy kicks off on March 10. "Power" in Destiny 2 is a measure of the total strength of your character, based on the stats of your weapons and armor. The current soft Power cap in Destiny 2 is 960, which players can reach by completing events that drop "Powerful" gear. After that, you can work up to 970 through activities that drop "Pinnacle" gear, like the Garden of Salvation raid or the Pit of Heresy dungeon. Since the release of Shadowkeep, each season also includes a seasonal artifact that allows you to keep increasing your Power by earning experience points, but those Power gains disappear at with the end of each season.

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In the Season of the Worthy, the soft Power cap is up to 1,000. You'll need Powerful gear drops to go from 950 to 1,000, providing plenty of reasons to do weekly bounties, Strikes, and Crucible and Gambit matches. Once you hit 1,000, you'll be able to push your character's gear up to 1,010 using Pinnacle drops to hit the highest Power levels possible in the game. That'll be useful with the return of the Trials of Osiris next season--in normal Crucible matches, Power levels are automatically balanced, but you maintain your Power level in Trials, which can give you an advantage if you have stronger gear than your opponents.

If your Power is lower than 950, you should have an easier time getting to the point, too. The Power cap adjustment means that any gear drops that aren't Powerful or Pinnacle, including random drops in the world and those for completing activities, will increase your level until you hit 950.

The current grind for Pinnacle gear is a slow one, so Bungie is expanding on the activities you can do to earn Pinnacle drops. Weekly Crucible, Strike, Gambit, and Clan challenges will now all drop Pinnacle gear, which should make it easier to climb up to the Power cap than in previous seasons.

Power differences between players are a concern for the return of Trials, given that players who sink a lot of time into the game, and therefore earn a lot of experience to power up their seasonal artifacts, can get a big Power boost on more casual players. Bungie says it intends to place a cap on Power levels for Trials (as well as for the Iron Banner, another Power-enabled PvP mode), but that cap won't be in place until after the first Trials event, when runs the weekend of March 13. Bungie hasn't explained exactly how the Trials cap will work, but we should get more information this week.

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