Destiny 2's Popular Telesto Fusion Rifle Has Been Disabled For Being Completely Broken

When a gun gives you instant supers it's time to disable it.


Destiny 2's recent Shadowkeep expansion added a whole host of new content to the game, including new missions, strikes, a raid, Armor 2.0, melee finishing moves, and more. The Telesto fusion rifle has been around since The Curse of Osiris DLC back in Destiny 2's first year, but a brand-new glitch has resulted in Bungie temporarily removing the gun for being far too effective.

When working as intended, Telesto is an Exotic weapon that fires off a bunch of rounds that hang around for a while after you've shot them. In the right moments it's incredibly useful. The recently discovered glitch, however, let you fire these shots into the ground before igniting them with a grenade. The resulting explosion registered with the game as a number of enemy kills, immediately charging your super without you ever needing to kill anyone. Obviously, this completely broke the game, particularly in PvP where players were able to barrel through the competition by unleashing a super each time the grenade cooldown ended.

Bungie has thankfully removed Telesto while it goes about fixing this exploit. Hopefully it won't take too long, though, otherwise Xur might have some angry customers on his hands.

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