Destiny 2's Official Merch Lineup Includes Bath Robes, Scented Candles, And Ice Cube Trays

Destiny 2-branded ice cube trays?


Officially licensed video game merchandise is no new phenomenon, but somehow, the range of different items that game companies will brand never ceases to be surprising. Today, Bungie and Numskull Designs announced a line of Destiny 2-themed products, and it's one of the strangest collections of merch yet.

Numskull specifically highlighted the scented candles in a press release--and yes, you read that right, there are Destiny 2-themed candles on the way. In case you were wondering, they each have a distinct scent meant to evoke materials from each in-game planet. Numskull suggests, "Simply light the scented candle that corresponds to the planet you are exploring to add a further dimension to your gaming experience." The candles come with a replica Ghost that acts as a holder.

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The candles are just one of a great assortment of knick knacks and clothing that have received the official Destiny 2 license. Other highlights include Destiny 2 onesies, magnets, mugs, snapbacks, and even ice trays. You can check out more of the items in the gallery above, and you can buy them over at Numskull's website.

These aren't the only Destiny 2 tie-ins coming, either. Starting September 1, you'll be able to buy promotional Rockstar energy drinks and Pop-Tarts that come with in-game items and boosts. The game launches on September 6 for PS4 and Xbox One, and for PC on October 24. The PC version is getting a beta test later in August, and you can read about what it includes here. You can also check out the awesome new multiplayer trailer here.

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