Destiny 2's Next Subclass May Have Leaked Ahead Of Schedule

Green with envy.


A sneak peek at a new subclass for Destiny 2 might have just been accidentally revealed early ahead of this month's upcoming showcase on August 23. In the video below, you can spot a new design for the Guardian super and ability bars that's largely different from the usual Arc, Solar, Void, or Stasis versions. The symbol for the Super ability is also new and features two lines surrounded by a circle, while the icons for grenade and melee abilities use existing art assets.

As spotted by Destiny Leaks, the video doesn't have too many details to go on and comes from a Bungie artist who was showing off a finisher animation on a now-deleted ArtStation post. The brief clip appears to show a new subclass that uses a green color palette, tying into rumors that players will be gifted a new Darkness power that's centered around decay and poison elements.

Interestingly, the melee icon also shows off three charges for that ability, something which usually isn't possible unless your Guardian is equipped with certain Exotics such as Claws of Ahamkara.

The color green is usually associated with the Hive and the Darkness-gifted "soulfire" magic that it wields, and the Exotic hand cannon Thorn is a direct link to the death-obsessed race, firing off rounds that deal damage over time. Thorn's other perk, Soul Devourer, also creates remnants on a kill that are cloaked in the Hive's signature shade of green.

If this is an early glimpse at a subclass, don't expect it to arrive until next year's Lightfall expansion. New subclasses radically shake up the world of Destiny and are a major draw for the game, with Beyond Light's introduction of Stasis in 2020 being a prime example. Bungie also confirmed that after it reworked the Solar subclass for Season of the Haunted, it was focused on bringing the last remaining subclass, Arc, up to the 3.0 standard.

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