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Destiny 2's Next Season Will Make More Guardian Rank Changes

Bungie is aiming to make renewing your Guardian Ranks less of a grind in each new season.


Guardian Ranks are one of the more engaging additions made to Destiny 2 since its Lightfall era began, as this new system serves as a guide to give fellow players an idea of just how experienced you are in various activities. Now that it has been live for a month--and has undergone several tweaks--Bungie is looking at how it'll evolve Guardian Ranks over the short and long term.

"With a solid amount of data now under our belts, it's clear we missed the mark on some of our goals and needed to make updates based on constructive feedback," Bungie explained in an update. "While the first batch of Guardian Ranks has proven to be an invaluable guide for New Lights, we want to improve the system for all players."

Guardian Ranks reset every season, but Bungie is aiming to make renewing them a quicker experience. On a cosmetic level, a new season will display your highest rank earned in the previous season to all players, and if you achieve a higher rank than you did last season, it will be your new displayed number.

Season 21's updated Guardian Ranks screen
Season 21's updated Guardian Ranks screen

To renew your rank, you'll need to focus on completing blue-tinted categories in the Guardian Rank progression, as categories will not be reset. Ranks that you do not renew will fade at the end of a season. Commendation counts will also partially reset every season, but your Commendation score and breakdown will be tracked each season.

Season 21 will see a new display added to the Journey screen that will show your recent seasonal history, which will include Guardian Ranks, Commendation score, Commendation breakdown, Seasonal Challenges, and Seasonal Triumph score.

Other changes planned for Season of the Deep include a new role as an Exotic engram decoder for Master Rahool in the Tower, new buildcrafting mods to make activating Armor Charges easier, and changes to the Seasonal Artifact to assist in refunding individual perks.

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