Destiny 2's New Social Space, The Farm, Evolves Over Time And Lets You Play Soccer

The Farm comes equipped with a soccer field and chickens.


Destiny 2's first videos showed the Tower, the social space in the original Destiny, being wrecked by the Cabal. That doesn't mean players are without any equivalent area in the upcoming sequel, and in fact, Destiny 2's social space sounds even better.

The Farm is a shared space for up to 26 players to occupy simultaneously where they can visit vendors, socialize, and even partake in some sports. As shown off in the video below from IGN, among the ways to pass the time at the Farm is by playing a game of soccer. Much like the Tower, you can find a soccer ball that can be moved around, only this time there is an actual soccer field with goals that register when a player has scored.

Destiny 2 narrative lead Ryan Ebenger notes the the Farm will evolve as you play through the game. This includes some characters coming or going and the overall population increasing. It's unclear if these characters serve any function; presumably you'll always be able to reach a postmaster or Cryptarch (represented by Tyra Karn), both of which are present at the Farm.

Small activities can be scattered around the Farm, though none of these are demonstrated in the video. We do, however, see that there are chickens wandering around. So that's something.

Destiny 2 launches for PS4 and Xbox One on September 6, which is a few days earlier than originally announced. The PC version, meanwhile, won't arrive until October 24, although it sounds as if it may be worth the wait. All three platforms will feature a new Raid, which Bungie claims is unlike anything else it's ever done.

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And I bet there'll still be no way to communicate outside of group voice chat. Too social for me. But I bet they'll add a couple more emotes to compensate for it.

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don't worry they bought zynga a few years back. everything in wow is timegated and will be in destiny as well.

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Next thing you know they'll release a farming dlc :)

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"narrative lead Ryan Ebenger"

Does that mean this game will have a narrative this time? :O

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Looks great. I'm way more excited for this than I was for the original!

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Plenty of other things to do when you're bored with Destiny, which is all the time.

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@Thanatos2k: Like looking up Borderlands 3 rumours.

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@Barighm: Yeah, that's the thing. Destiny's sole purpose, as a series, is to tie us over until Borderlands 3 comes out.

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"We do, however, see that there are chickens wandering around. So that's something."

Pre-ordering now.

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@matricks_: can i kick the chickens?? can i be called chicken chaser??? NO? NO?? well frack.......

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@darthrevenx: ah......fable

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@darthrevenx: No, that'll be in part three of the DLC... but you can't purchase it unless you've bought the first and second ones.

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@SkytheWiz1: Good thing I pre-ordered the deluxe edition then, first two dlc included ;)

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@darthrevenx: Drat. Beat me to it.