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Destiny 2's New Raid Launches Soon, So These Items Are Banned For A Day

A Jotunn glitch allows it to be far more effective than intended.


A newly discovered glitch involving one of Destiny 2's Exotic weapons will cause it to be temporarily banned from the game when the game's next Raid hits. Due to concerns that it will impact the race to be the first to complete Garden of Salvation, the new Raid included in Shadowkeep, Bungie will render Jotunn unusable for a period of time early next month.

[Update: With the launch of Garden of Salvation less than a day away, Bungie has reaffirmed that Jotunn will be disabled across the game for 24 hours beginning at 10 AM PT on Saturday, October 5, the same time the Raid goes live. However, two other Exotics will also be banned for that period: Hunter gauntlets Sealed Ahamkara Grasps and Titan leg armor Peregrine Greaves.]

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The news was shared by Destiny 2 director Luke Smith on Twitter, who wrote, "Jotunn/Toaster will be disabled for Garden of Salvation. The team has identified the issue with Jotunn and we will release a fix in a future update."

There's no word on exactly when a fix will be implemented, but given the Raid doesn't go live until October 5, you can expect this bug to exist for at least a few more weeks.

A bit more detail was shared in a post on Reddit by Bungie community manager Cozmo. He revealed that the current plan is for Jotunn to be disabled for 24 hours, which should cover the period in which players race to be the first to beat Garden of Salvation--the World's First race, as it's known. But because Bungie lacks the ability to disable an item in only a particular mode, Jotunn will be unusable anywhere in Destiny 2 during the period.

Jotunn Is Glitched

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The Jotunn bug in question involves using the fusion rifle at short range. Normally, if you're close enough to where its shot detonates, the user takes splash damage. Because of this glitch, that damage is instead dealt to the target, allowing players to melt bosses more quickly than intended.

Jotunn is obtainable through the Black Armory, part of Destiny 2's annual pass, which was recently made available for free to anyone who owns the Forsaken expansion. Getting your hands on Jotunn involves some luck, as you'll need to craft powerful weapons at the Bergusia forge and then hope for the best. You can read more about how to get it in our guide on how to get Jotunn.

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