Destiny 2's New Raid Beaten By First Team To Win Back-To-Back Raid Races

Elysium picked up a world's first win in Destiny 2's latest raid, as well as a the record for the first back-to-back wins of the high-level activity.


Mere hours after it launched, Clan Elysium became the first team to successfully clear the new Vow of the Disciple raid in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. This isn't the first time that Elysium has beaten a raid before anyone else, having previously cleared the revamped Vault of Glass that debuted last year in May. This latest feat makes the group the first team to earn a world's first completion on back-to-back raids.

For the uninitiated, raids are one of the most challenging activities in Destiny 2, as they combine intense action with lethal puzzles. The final boss fights of raids usually merge all of these elements together for an epic showdown, as well as a highlight reel of cool moments. Elysium's run took over seven hours from start to finish, which was played on a competitive mode that made the playing field even for all challengers in the raid.

After Elysium's victory and verification from Bungie, the team walked away with bragging rights and a championship belt:

World's First Vow of the Disciple raid belt
World's First Vow of the Disciple raid belt

Elysium's victory wasn't smooth sailing, as the clan was racing against other teams and had persistent connection troubles at the start. Elysium faced connectivity issues for the first two hours of the latest raid race, but the group bounced back to clinch an impressive victory. With The Disciple vanquished, Elysium also unlocked new story content for every other Destiny 2 player to take part in.

A few weeks into The Witch Queen expansion, the game is charting exciting new territory for fans of Bungie's space-saga. Twists in the Witch Queen campaign have players wondering if they're becoming the bad guys, and Bungie is confident that earlier narrative fumbles have allowed the team to evolve and grow the story to ambitious new heights from those early missteps.

In addition to that, some fine-tuning under the hood of the game will soon see an increase in rare weapon crafting materials like Ascendant Alloy increased, when the next patch goes live.

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