Destiny 2's New Quest Unlocks A Destiny 1 Shotgun - And It's Fixed

After a lengthy community event and some bug problems, you can finally claim Felwinter's Lie from "The Lie" quest.


Update 3: The fix is in and Felwinter's Lie is finally available. Bungie rolled out the patch fixing "The Lie" and its final mission, "The Tyrant," allowing players to access the Moon Seraph bunker and discover some interesting Rasputin backstory. The reward for completing the quest is a powerful Destiny 1 shotgun with some pretty great perks.

Bungie says maintenance on Destiny 2 is expected to conclude by noon PT.

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Update 2: Bungie has a fix for The Lie on its way. The developer tweeted that it would release Hotfix on May 21 to fix the issue blocking players from completing the final mission in the questline, titled "The Tyrant." Bungie says it'll do background maintenance on May 20 to prepare for the fix.

Update: It took almost six days, but the Destiny 2 community banded together to complete the first step of "The Lie." That means the rest of the steps of The Lie are available for players to complete at their leisure. Unfortunately, they still can't finish The Lie just yet, thanks to a bug affecting the last step. Bungie confirmed the last portion of the quest, the step called "Warmind Heuristics," is currently bugged for many players. The step has players completing a mission called "The Tyrant," but unfortunately, starting the mission respawns players at the Sanctuary location on the Moon and leaves players unable to complete it.

Bungie says it'll investigate the bug Monday morning to hopefully fix it, but in the meantime, it seems many players are still waiting for their chance to complete The Lie.

Original story:

The Guardian Games are over in Destiny 2, and while the grind to earn the Heir Apparent Exotic machine gun has ended, a new big weapon quest has kicked off in its place: The Lie. Completing all these steps will lead to the legendary shotgun, Felwinter's Lie.

Hop into the game after the most recent weekly reset and you'll be able to hit the first step in the quest, which sends you to talk to Ana Bray on Mars. Ana suggests that something is going on with Rasputin, beyond just the thing with using his huge network of satellites to shoot down the Almighty. That's been the story thrust of this season since its start, but we've been getting hints that there might be more going on with Rasputin since last season, the Season of Dawn. Now, it seems, that story might be developing further.

But getting to it is going to take a while. The first step in The Lie is for players to finish the Season of the Worthy's Seraph Tower events on Earth, the Moon, and Io. This isn't your usual quest that requires you to complete an event a certain number of times, though: The tracker for The Lie is actually taking into account all players and their completions. It looks as though it's going to take a while to get through these, as well.

According to Destiny dataminer Ginsor, it's going to take 3 million completions on each planet to advance The Lie to its next step. The good new is, Bungie has made the Seraph Tower activities easier, so progress should be quicker. The developer tweeted that it adjusted Seraph Tower progression slightly and reduced the power of the Champions who show up at the end. Completions will now count five times more toward the completion of the first step of The Lie, and 10 times more on weekends.

After the first step, the quest apparently becomes a bit more manageable, although with some significant grind. The datamine also says we'll return to Vostok, the location of the Iron Lords' fortress from Destiny 1, and learn more about Rasputin in a secret room in its bunker on the Moon. The reward for the quest, once it's completed, is Felwinter's Lie.

More interesting than the grind, though, is what we might learn about Rasputin through the course of the quest. Information about the warmind has been pretty thin throughout both Destiny 1 and Destiny 2. We know Rasputin was involved in the Collapse and fought for humanity during that invasion--it also knows more about what happened during that time than any other character in the game, and so far, it hasn't shared. That might be about to change, though.

Through the course of the Season of the Worthy, we've seen that Rasputin's bunkers are tracking the return of the pyramid ships, first teased at the end of the Destiny 2 vanilla campaign and then elaborated upon with the Shadowkeep expansion. Those guys are about to reach the solar system, and it seems that Rasputin will be a key figure in dealing with them. We're probably about to learn some new info about the pyramid ships and the race that uses them once we work through The Lie.

There's also a big theory developed from Destiny lore about Rasputin's role in the Collapse that might finally get confirmed (or definitely denied): that Rasputin was the one who attacked and disabled the Traveler way back during the Collapse. At the end of the Season of Dawn, Osiris confronted Rasputin about its actions during the Collapse but didn't elaborate on what they were. It seems very likely that "The Lie" this quest refers to could be the one we've been told about who was responsible for the Traveler's fate--and what the Traveler had planned to do during the Collapse before it was disabled.

We'll have to wait for the other steps to see where the story might take us, though. And getting to those other steps is probably going to take at least a couple of days. As of this writing, the completion tracker on The Lie has only been moved 1% for each of the three locations. Get out there and launch those satellites, Guardians.

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