Destiny 2's New Launch Trailer Shows A War Already Lost

"The war is over... and we've lost."


Destiny 2's release is quickly approaching, and today Bungie published the launch trailer for the game. It sets the stage for Destiny 2's story, which is shaping up to be much darker than the narrative of the original.

Whereas Destiny's story was a heroic epic in which players took the fight to the Vex, Crota, and Oryx, utilizing a great deal of resources and allies centered on the Tower, Destiny 2's story is one of survival and loss. If you played Destiny 2's beta, you'll recognize that the launch trailer picks up near where the opening Homecoming mission ends. The Speaker has been captured by Ghaul, the hulking leader of the Cabal, and the Tower has been conquered.

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The video features the ever-grave Commander Zavala and Ikora Ray alongside the wise-cracking Cayde-6, who is, at one point, inexplicably holding a rooster in a brief moment of levity. The three of them and the Guardians plan a guerrilla mission against the Cabal that, apparently, is expected to end with the deaths of everyone involved. It actually sounds somewhat similar in tone and structure to one of Bungie's previous games, Halo: Reach.

If you're interested in catching up on the narrative, check out our feature detailing Destiny's story so far. Destiny 2 launches on September 6 for PS4 and Xbox One, and on October 24 for PC. The PC beta test begins on August 28 if you pre-ordered the game and on August 29 for everyone. Pre-loading for the full game will be available soon on all platforms. In addition, Bungie recently teased that Destiny 2 news is coming during Gamescom.

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