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Destiny 2's Known Launch Issues On PS4 And Xbox One Outlined, Include PS4 Pro Crashes

Here are all of the problems Bungie has highlighted so far.


Destiny 2's launch has largely been very smooth, some short waits in server queues aside. But there are a number of other, mostly minor issues that have already been discovered. Bungie has provided a list of those that it's aware of, and in some cases, it has tips to help resolve or avoid them.

Perhaps most notable is one concerning the Nightfall Strike. This high-end activity is available now, and if you're powerful enough to attempt to tackle it, you'll want to make sure you create a Fireteam before jumping in. That's because people who join an in-progress Nightfall may not qualify for completion of the activity, meaning they won't receive the rewards for finishing. For now, creating a Fireteam and then launching the Nightfall is the way to ensure this doesn't happen.

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Also worth calling out is an issue on Nessus. Falling off the cliff in the Sunken Caverns can cause your Ghost to "be placed in an area that blocks progression of activities." If that happens, you may have to head back to orbit and then come back to Nessus in order to proceed.

Bungie also said it's aware of problems that cause the Cabbage error code to pop up; an issue where the first item in your inventory can't be moved to the Vault; and crashes for PS4 Pro players. The full list of known issues follows below, or you can also see them on Bungie's forums. There's no word on how soon these will be resolved, and presumably, additional problems will arise as players spend more time with the game. We'll report back with any developments, but you can follow along with all of our coverage in our roundup of everything you need to know about Destiny 2.


  • Nessus: If players proceed to fall off of a cliff on Nessus in the Sunken Caverns area, their Ghost may be placed in an area that blocks progression of activities. Players may be required to return to orbit and relaunch the Destination.


  • Skipping Cinematics: Non-Fireteam Leaders cannot skip in-game cinematics. Fireteam Leads must manually skip the cinematic if the Fireteam desires to.

Armor Perks

  • Linear Actuators: The functionality of this perk does not always trigger upon the correct requirements.


  • Nightfall: Fireteam members who attempt to join a Nightfall Activity in progress will not always qualify for Activity completion. We recommend that all members be within the Fireteam when initially launching the activity.


  • Emblems: The Lore Scholar emblem will only be awarded to players who have opened the Age of Triumph Record Book within Destiny 1 prior to August 1, 2017.
  • Prison of Elders: Memorialization for the Prison of Elder will show the first time a player defeated Skolas, rather than completing a Prison of Elders activity.
  • Character: Some hair colors do not match their Destiny 1 counterpart.


  • Storage: The first item of Inventory categories cannot be played within the Vault. For example, if a player wishes to place the first Shader present within their inventory into the Vault, they will need to select an alternate sorting for the Shader to be moved from the first slot, then they may proceed to store the item within the Vault.


  • Sentinel: If a player has swapped their Shoulder Buttons and is guarding when the Titan Sentinel Super ends, they will be temporarily suspended aiming down sights. To resolve the issue, players will need to tap their left bumper.

User Interface

  • Waypoints: Tracking a Vendor during an activity will not present a waypoint to players.
  • Infusion: When an Exotic Weapon or Armor piece is equipped, eligible exotic items under the Infusion tab will be grayed out due to Exotic equipment limits. The item may still be infused as desired.
  • Player Inspection: Destiny 2 Currencies, such as Glimmer or Bright Dust, will display as "0" when inspecting an alternate player.
  • Roster: Adding or removing a friend on Xbox Live will temporarily remove all friends from the Director Roster on Xbox One.

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