Destiny 2's Iron Banner Event Returns, But With A Few Changes

Lord Saladin returns.


Bungie has announced details regarding the return of Iron Banner in Destiny 2. The multiplayer mode starts September 18 at 10 AM PDT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST and resets with new challenges and rewards on September 25. There are a few changes this time around you'll have to watch out for.

The biggest change in Iron Banner is that Power level now matters. On Bungie's website, this new Iron Banner is described as "an arms race" between you and the other players you'll be facing off against, so you'll need to equip your most powerful weapons and gear to hold your own and earn the new rewards. Iron Banner will also offer seven weekly bounties from now on, with each mission having a chance of yielding an Iron Banner-themed reward. Each week, two of the bounties will have a chance of dropping Powerful rewards to improve your Power level if you're struggling with the competitive multiplayer component.

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Lord Saladin is also back with five new pieces of armor and two new weapons for purchase, which reset with each new Iron Banner event. Each of the seven items that Lord Saladin sells are associated to one of the seven bounties, and you'll have to complete an item's corresponding bounty mission to unlock its availability for purchase. This way, if the item you want doesn't drop, you can just buy it after the mission is over.

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A reprised Crucible map launches with the return of Iron Banner. The map will be available for all in the Crucible playlist, but players who own the Forsaken expansion will get access to the map in private matches.

Forsaken is Destiny 2's most recent expansion, which offers new story missions, strikes, and a Raid. In our in-progress-review, we gave Forsaken an 8/10, commenting on how the expansion is making us enjoy Destiny 2 again. We'll update our review with a final score after completing Forsaken's Raid--and tried the new content that beating it unlocks.

Destiny 2 is available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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