Destiny 2's Infinite Dawnblade Exploit Fix Coming Soon

Enjoy your endless flaming swords while they last.


Bungie is preparing to issue a hotfix update to a pervasive Destiny 2 exploit, which gave Warlocks god-like powers. The glitch let Warlocks activate the Dawnblade super infinitely, creating an obvious balance issue. Bungie says a hotfix is coming tomorrow, February 13. This follows just after the Crimson Days event patch.

The word of a fix comes from the Bungie Help Twitter account, which says that some recent background maintenance lays the groundwork for hotfix That will be the patch that fixes the Dawnblade problem, as well as a server code fix to keep currencies from disappearing.

The glitch began widely circulating on February 7, when Twitch streamer Gladd showed it in action. According to Gladd, the exploit has been quietly circulating for quite a while, and he helped popularize it just before it was preparing to become public. The more widespread knowledge has made some PvP matches a wild Warlock vs Warlock flame-fest.

If you want to take part in some good clean non-exploity fun, the Empyrean Foundation community event is now live and ongoing. You can read about how to begin the challenge, as well as how to beat Inotam.

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